Mike's Electric Motor Repair

Electric Motor Repair

Mike's Electric Motor Repair
We repair motors from fraction to 500 HP AC as well as DC motors up to 500 HP and are a full service shop.

You Break-um, We Fix-um
Mike's Electric Motor Repair specializes in electric motor repair & rewinding. Whether it’s an armature, field coil, motor, stator, or anything else that requires winding, we can repair it!  Family owned and operated since 1986, Mike's Electric Motor Repair is proud to have the expertise to repair and rebuild what other shops can’t, won’t, or don’t have time to do. 

Quality Repairs for Less !! 


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430 E Helms Rd, Suite C4
Houston, Tx 77037
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 We repair Pool Pumps

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The best of Houston is often buried in anonymous industrial parks and Mike's is certainly off the beaten track.  It is not a place for those who do not have an appreciation of the fact that work is often dirty.  I took in a three quarter horse motor from my pool pump and for around $100 it was fully refurbished and the trashed bearings replaced. The result is a motor that draws a lot less power and is quieter than when I first bought it.  Mike also cleaned up the chlorine addled outside, ran a test on a bench before I paid and left me with the good feeling you get when you get something done right first time by the guys that do the work, not sit behind a desk or counter and lie to you.
I hope never to have to go back, but I guess I will be seeing him again in a few years.

-Jeremy G.
Houston, Tx